Mera Adhikar is a Phygital Platform for Discovery of Government and Private Welfare Schemes. Its AI system understand persons profile by asking few questions and displays only those schemes which the person is entitled.
Social Benefit Report (SOBER) The Government of India has 6,000+ Government Welfare schemes for upliftment of Indian citizens. SOBER is a comprehensive report which is generated after evaluating the beneficiaries profile. At an average a person is entitled to more than 10 schemes. SOBER Collates and displays these schemes in a structured manner i.e.
  • The Scheme Name
  • Scheme Description
  • Documents needed to apply
  • Process and Protocols to be followed to avail the scheme
  • Helps beneficiary understand their entitlement for government and private schemes
  • It gives them a detailed knowledge related to the schemes and is available in 11 different languages
Adhikar Card is a hassle-free method of accessing and sharing Government & Private Benefit records digitally. It enables the beneficiary to interact with participating Benefit Providers, and allows the beneficiary to receive digital Benefit seamlessly from verified Government & Private Benefit Providers.
  1. Can be used to avail various Government and Private schemes.
  2. It can be used by multiple stakeholders to evaluate and validate individuals as the ecosystem develops.
  3. Identify Beneficiaries and offer them customised services depending on the profile and neediness.
  4. Updated Government or Private schemes can be checked using the QR code without generating the entire report.

Health ID or Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) is the government of India initiative under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM).

The core objective is to deliver health services to remotest areas of the country and to cover Every Indian Citizen. It is a single repository of all their health-related information. Creating Health Id Card or ABHA number which is a 14-digit number and an ABHA address or PHR address will help everyone share health information with medical professionals across India without any geographical barriers.

  1. Digital health records with Paperless Experience right from Admission to Discharge
  2. Maintain Long-Term Health History
  3. Access to Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR)
  4. Health Facility Registry (HFR)
  5. Consent based access
There are more than 6,000+ government Welfare Schemes and every citizen is eligible for some or the other schemes, depending on their social profile.
The Social Benefit Report SoBeR is a compressive report generated that explains in detail, shared with customer through a link in a text message and available to Margdarshak in transaction history which gives complete details about the schemes a person is entitled for. It gives the description of the schemes, eligibility criteria, documents requires, and the detail process and protocols of application.
The objective of Mera Adhikar is to educate people about their entitlement of Government schemes. There is no direct process of application from Mera Adhikar Platform, but Mera Adhikar gives paid Assistance for application process.

Refer and Earn Program is a special program undertaken by Mera Adhikar to encourage people to become social entrepreneurs and help people around them to discover benefits from Government and Private schemes. There are 6,000 plus such schemes and on a average a person can be benefited for 20 such schemes.

Though this program Mera Adhikars objective is to gratify people and encourage them to come forward and spend time and efforts to generate SoBeR + Adhikar Card + ABHA Card for people.

It is also an effort to create livelihood for people who can look forward to this as full time activity.

No Margdarshak Signup is FREE. You do not need to pay to become aa Margdarshak. But we also have a paid version of Margdarshak where you can enjoy multiple other benefits.

Free Margdarshak have limited access to platforms features also the Refer and Earn Rewards are different. The same is explained in the table below

Direct Referral Income Free Sign-up Paid Sign-up
Per report Income ₹2 ₹4
Per Free Sign-up Income ₹25 ₹50
Per Convert to Paid Income ₹250 ₹500
Indirect Referral Income Free Sign-up Paid Sign-up
Unlimited Indirect Referral 25% 50%
Description Free Paid
SoBeR + Adhikar Card + ABHA Card Unlimited Unlimited
Customised Microsite Link & QR Code Yes Yes
Data Analysis Dashboard Yes Yes
Certificate Yes Yes
ID Card Yes Yes
Customised Banner | Sticker No Yes
Mera Adhikar Business Card No Yes
Access to Report No Yes
Access to Data No Yes
One Special Offer No Yes
One Poll Publish No Yes
One Survey Publish No Yes
Campaign History No Yes
Personalised Customer Notes No Yes
Sponsor Logo No Yes
Ad Banner Posting No Pay Per Use
Poll Analysis No Pay Per Use
Survey Analysis No Pay Per Use